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Thank you for applying to become a Signatory of the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct. This process should take between 10-15 minutes to complete, and you will receive a decision on your application from the Administrator within 10 business days.

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Please provide current details for your company. Please note that only the company or business named on an approved application form will be entitled to use the approved Code brand mark and/or publish or otherwise advertise that it is a Signatory to the Code. All commercial-in-confidence information will be treated with appropriate confidentiality.

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Please nominate a person who is authorised by the company to be the primary contact for all matters and correspondence relating to the Code. Signatories must inform the Code Administrator within 28 days of any changes to the primary contact's details. This can be done by emailing the Code Administrator at and confirming the updated primary contact details for your organisation.

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