Welcome to the MoSRT RT in JC registration page. We are very pleased you will be joining us. Make sure to familiarize yourself
with your Representative and Senator. Take time to reach out to them to schedule your appointment time.
We will begin our day with a lecture with an ASRT CE credit plus give you an opportunity to ask your questions. There will be
literature that will help you to know what to talk about regarding our topic. Once the bill is filed and we have a bill number, I will send that information out.

* 1. First name?

* 2. Last name?

* 3. Your street address?

* 4. Email Address

* 5. Phone number

* 6. Are you a member of the MoSRT?

* 7. Do you know your state Representative and Senator? 

* 8. You are expected to make your own appointments with your legislators. To find out who they are go to the MoSRT website.

* 9. Do you need help with your appointment? If so, email