EeMAP Pilot Phase Framework - Market Consultation

EeMAP (Energy efficient Mortgages Action Plan) aims to create a pan-EU framework for energy efficient mortgages. These mortgages incentivise borrowers to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings or acquire highly energy-efficient properties. The incentives the energy efficient mortgage will offer borrowers (e.g. reduced interest rates and/or increased loan amount) aim to reflect the reduced credit risk of these loans. Lower risks also deliver a strong incentive for banks to enter the market and play a central role in driving climate action across Europe’s building sector.

The EeMAP Consortium have developed a draft framework of principles and guidelines for energy efficient mortgages. This draft is to be used and tested in a pilot phase, starting in June 2018. In preparing this draft framework we have researched and consulted widely across the finance, building performance and valuation sectors. This online consultation provides further opportunity for stakeholders across all sectors to provide feedback on the draft documents. This feedback is vital to ensuring the framework is as robust as possible before the pilot begins.

Before completing the following questionnaire, respondents are asked to download and read the consultation document which sets out the draft energy efficient mortgage framework.

The questionnaire has been designed to capture your high-level feedback on the suitability of the proposals and key areas that should be considered when finalising and them testing them during the pilot.

There are just 13 questions, and completing them should take around 10-15 minutes, depending on the level of detail you provide.

All responses will be treated as confidential and results or comments will only be made public in aggregated or anonymised form.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to you for contributing to this important initiative.

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