Dear Parent/Guardian,


We are asking you to complete the attached Title I Parent Involvement Survey designed by the Office of Shared Accountability Research Services.  The purpose of the survey is to explore your familiarity with Title I related information/resources, and your involvement with your child’s school as a parent whose child is supported by Title I. There are no right or wrong answers to this survey. Participation in this research is completely voluntary.  Once you start completing the questionnaire you can stop it any time and decide not to return it to us. You can also skip any question you do not want to answer.  Completing the survey should take some 10-15 minutes of your time. What Data

What Data Will Be Collected?

We are asking you questions about: (i) your awareness of standards and testing, (ii) the sources of information available to you, (iii) your partnership with teachers, (iv) about barriers or obstacles to greater parent involvement and participation, (v) your communication with teachers, and (vi) areas in which you might need additional information.  

Are There Any Risks?

In this research, there are no foreseeable risks for you or for your child as a consequence of your participation because the survey is anonymous.

Are There Any Benefits?

Although there may be no direct benefit to you or your child, a possible benefit from your participation in the survey will help us better serve Title I parents in the school district which in its turn will benefit children in the district in a long run.

Who Can I Call With Questions?

If you have any questions about this research study, please call the program evaluator:

Dr. Ruzanna Topchyan, tel: (716) 816-3563, email:

If you chose to participate in the survey, it means that you are:

** 18 years old

** You understand the explanation of the survey provided above

** You are willing to participate in the survey
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