Critical Improvements for Downtown Properties (Dover)

UPDATED 1-12-23

Property owners who are in good standing, who are planning critical improvements to their downtown Dover properties, and who have already submitted a Pre-Application for this Critical Improvements (CI) grant fund and have been notified that they are eligible to proceed, may now submit an Application for funding consideration. 

Those who wish to submit an Application but have not yet completed a Pre-Application, must complete a Pre-Application first.  Please note that a first review of Pre-Applications took place on December 2, 2022 and funding requests exceeded the amount of funding in the Program.  Nevertheless, property owners may submit a pre-application which will be placed in queue should a second round of review takes place. (We cannot guarantee that there will be another round of pre-applications at this time.)  The Pre-Application may be found here:

Apply as soon as possible!  Currently, 2023 application deadlines are NOON on the dates listed below.  Nevertheless, when funds are depleted, submission dates will end, which will likely be sooner than the dates listed below:

Thursday, Jan. 5
Wednesday, Jan. 18
Wednesday, Feb. 1
Wednesday, Feb. 15
Thursday, Mar. 2

IMPORTANT: If you have not reviewed this Application and the required Supplemental Rubric Questionnaire in pdf, you may do so by visiting, see "Application" and "Supplemental Rubric Questionnaire" and then return to this page. These two items must be submitted together.

The following are NOT eligible uses of grant funds:

•   Signage
•   Purchase of interior furnishings, fixtures, or equipment, except:  Consideration will be given to the purchase of kitchen fixtures and equipment attached to building structure and/or required for establishment of a commercial kitchen.
•   Construction of a new structure or facility, replacement of an existing structure with a new one.
•   Demolition of an existing building.
•   Acquiring title to a structure or a property.
•   “Costs of doing business” such as operating or overhead.
•   Legal fees, insurance premiums, licensing and permitting fees, or fees related to loans, or for activities otherwise ineligible for grant funding.

Attachments to this Application must be sent separately to complete your Application submission.  These attachments (with exception of the Supplemental Rubric Questionnaire) may be emailed immediately after completing and submitting this Application online OR may be provided after the Review CI Panel reviews your Application and if you receive a pre-approval. 
Email information will be provided for sending these attachments at the end of this Application.

To complete the Application, continue now.  Remember to complete a separate application for each property.

Question Title

* 1. Property Owner First Name (NOTE:  If the property is jointly owned, provide the first & last name of the co-owner in parenthesis next to your first name in this answer box.)

Question Title

* 2. Property Owner Last Name

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* 3. Property Owner Phone number

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* 4. Property Owner Email Address

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* 5. Home Address of Property Owner: (Street, City , State, Zip)  Not your business address, but your home address.

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* 6. Do you plan to submit more than one Application for funding consideration, and if so, how many (including this one)?