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Welcome to the new Advertising Self-Assessment

The public is entitled to accurate and honest information about healthcare services.  A naturopath who advertises their services to the public has to ensure that their advertising complies with the regulations and Standards of Practice of the profession.

This self-assessment tool is just one of the advertising resources that have been developed to help members meet their professional and legal obligations.  It uses questions to help you assess your advertising and should be read in conjunction with the resources listed below.

Three Step Process – Read, Identify, Review and Change

1. Read our resources
All advertising resources are published on the College of Naturopaths of Ontario’s website.  These resources have been developed to help naturopaths check and correct their advertising.

They include:
2. Identify the advertising you are responsible for
Advertising includes, but is not limited to, any public promotion of a regulated health service to attract patients or consumers and/or encourage the use of your service.

It includes online advertising (including websites and social media channels) and all print, and broadcast advertising (including flyers, and business cards) that is within your control.

If you (directly or as a member of a health practitioner clinic) publish content copied from another website, or request a marketing agency or third party to draft it for you, you are responsible.

3. Review and change
While claims you make in advertising might be clear to you, they can be misunderstood by patients and consumers.  Review your draft or published advertising using the tool below and make any necessary changes to ensure your advertising is not false, misleading or deceiving.

Remember, it’s the public’s perception and understanding of your published advertising that counts.  Accurate information helps consumers make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Is your advertising in breach of the Standards of Practice of the Profession?  Answer these questions to find out.

Advertising in health care is different from advertising in a business or commercial context.  Regulated health professionals are held to specific standards with respect to advertising in order to protect the public interest.  Advertising must be true, accurate, verifiable, comprehensible, professional and not misleading.

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