Welcome to our 2019 Vital Signs Survey hosted by the Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communties

There are 59 questions in the survey and will take approximately 10 - 12 minutes to complete.  On behalf of the Phoenix Foundation, we sincerely hope that you will complete the survey.  

The data that is collected will shape what is important to you as a resident of the Boundary.   All responses are anonymous and will be confidential.  No personal information will be kept.  

Vital Signs is a national program coordinated by Community Foundations of Canada and led locally by the Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities.

Vital Signs uses local knowledge to measure the vitality of our communities and support action towards improving our quality of life.

The results of this survey, together with additional data will be published in the 2019 Vital Signs report. 

Completed surveys can be scanned and emailed to phoenixfoundationbdry@gmail.com

Or, they can be turned in at:

The Village of Midway
Greenwood City Hall
Grandforks City Hall

Thank you for lending your voice to your community!
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