Community Visioning for Future Multifamily Housing

The state has mandated that Arlington, along with 174 other communities in eastern Massachusetts with access to MBTA service, create a district or districts where multifamily housing is allowed by right. This is consistent with goals in the Master Plan, Housing Production Plan, Fair Housing Action Plan, Connect Arlington, Net Zero Action Plan, which all recommend amending zoning to encourage multifamily housing in areas of the town. 

Over the next year the Town, through the MBTA Communities Working Group, will be leading a planning and engagement process to determine the location and details of Arlington's district(s). The result will be a zoning amendment presented to Special Town Meeting in the fall of 2023.

To kick this off, we need to know about your vision for multifamily housing in Arlington: what amenities and features should be within neighborhoods where multifamily housing is encouraged? What other aspects of housing development should be prioritized? Are there any locations that should be avoided?

On March 15, the Attorney General issued an advisory clearly stating that noncompliance, or "opting out", is discriminatory and against the law. The Town is committed to developing a compliant district. Whether or not you agree, understanding your vision and priorities for multifamily housing will help us identify recommendations for meeting the goals of the plans listed above. 

The following questions provide a visual or map, and then ask how important each goal or statement related to that visual is to you. Comment boxes are provided if you wish to elaborate on your response. 
This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time!
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