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As a result of staff input, Benton Public Schools is planning on having a "Virtual Friday" every week as a way for students to catch up on work, receive additional assistance, and allow staff the opportunity to provide better services for students. These would begin on Friday, October 16th.  

The district's intent is to provide additional academic enrichment for those students who require these services and provide a safer environment for students and staff. This will not eliminate the option of having your student onsite on this day, although no new content will be taught on this day.

A Virtual Friday would operate as below:

Students can attend onsite if additional academic assistance is recommended.

Students can attend onsite if you are unable to acquire childcare.

School buses would run their regular routes and times.

School meals would be served for onsite and offsite students.

Students who do not attend onsite would not have their absence counted against them.

There would not be any new learning content covered on Friday.

Students needing additional services such as OT/PT, speech, etc. could access those services.

Broader disinfection of district facilities will occur on Fridays. 

Please note: This does not affect the already planned "Offsite Virtual Days" of October 30th, November 23rd, February 15th, March 19th, and April 2nd, where all students would be offsite during those days. 

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