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The National Wilderness Workshop is scheduled for the week of  November 15 - 19th.  This registration form will collect your contact information, your session preferences so we can gauge demand, and then collect the appropriate fees for your selections.  We look forward to your participation.

Please go all the way through the forms and complete payment before leaving Survey Monkey in order to complete the registration process.

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National Wilderness Workshop Concurrent Session Program Choices

There are a variety of concurrent sessions at the Workshop.  Please indicate your most likely preferred session choice in the following questions.  This will be used to determine Zoom room sizes for each session.  You are still free to choose to attend different sessions during the workshop.  Refer to the Program Information for more information about each session.  Thank you.

Note that the days and times for each session may change as the Steering Committee converts the Program to a week long event.  Latest information on the Program will be updated on the NWSA website in mid September.

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