Yes 2 Renewables is a campaign of Friends of the Earth Melbourne. We're seeking to understand the community's views on renewable energy. We invite you to have your say on Victoria's energy future.

Responses are anonymous.  

* 1. Please rank the following energy sources in order of preference (1 = most preferred / 6 = least preferred):

* 2. Do you want to see more renewable energy in Victoria?

* 3. Why do you want more renewable energy? (Tick all that apply)

* 4. Do you think the Victorian government should have policies to grow the renewable energy sector?

* 5. The Daniel Andrews government will soon legislate a Victorian Renewable Energy Target of 40% by 2025 to secure 5400MW of wind and solar power. Would you like to see a target that is:

* 6. Do you think a slice of the Victorian Renewable Energy Target should be allocated to the Latrobe Valley to boost jobs and investment?

* 7. Did you know that distribution and wholesale/retail charges make up 89% of power bills? 

* 8. Would you be prepared to pay a fraction more for renewable energy (for instance, $2.50 per week?)

* 9. Did you know that wind and solar power are the most affordable forms of new energy generation?

* 10. Did you know that more renewable energy puts downward pressure on power bills?