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CRPO Council has authorized a 60-day circulation of a draft regulation on Defining “Client” for Sexual Abuse Provisions. 

CRPO has drafted this regulation as a way of clarifying and preventing one particular type of sexual abuse: sexual contact between psychotherapists and their clients (referred to as “patients” by other professions) after care of the client has been completed.

Currently, the legislation states that an individual client is still considered to be a client for one year after the conclusion of therapy.

This draft regulation proposes that the client-therapist relationship extends to a period of five years after the conclusion of therapy. The significance of this change is that health care providers who engage in sexual contact with a client or patient without waiting for five years after therapy ends would be investigated for professional misconduct.

The Sexual Contact with Former Clients Within Five Years Post-Termination of Care policy will continue to be posted on the CRPO website and enforced alongside this proposed regulation. 

Please review the draft regulation here and provide feedback by February 8, 2019.


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