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In addition to the on-going work to update the County’s Master Plan, a second component of the Transform Clark County project is a rewrite of the Title 30 Development Code.

Title 30 is the ordinance that guides development in unincorporated Clark County, regulating zoning, subdivision of land, off-site improvements, signs, and other issues and topics related to land development. Most parts of the Code were originally adopted 20 years ago, and while there have been piecemeal amendments since then, it is time for a comprehensive review and update. The goal of the rewrite is to implement the newly updated Master Plan, and modernize the regulations to be  clear, organized, accessible, and enforceable.

Many participants offered input on Title 30 as part of preliminary stakeholder meetings in June 2020. That initial feedback is summarized in the Preliminary Issues & Opportunities Summary from July 2020. As we begin the Title 30 review and rewrite process this fall, this survey provides an opportunity for you to provide more detailed feedback on Title 30, helping us to understand what is working well in the current code and where to focus on improvements in the rewrite.  

This introductory survey asks general questions about Title 30, and will remain open for responses until DECEMBER 15, 2020. We will follow up with additional, specialized topic-specific surveys later in the project in 2021.

Thank you for your participation!

Visit the project website for more information: www.transformclarkcounty.com.
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