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Audentes Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing gene therapy products for patients living with serious, life-threatening rare diseases.

The Patient Advocacy & Engagement team at Audentes is dedicated to integrating the perspective of patients and their families into our work. By doing so, we believe that we can more effectively deliver development programs, education, resources and support to the communities.

Rather than developing materials that we think would be helpful, we want to hear from you! We truly value your thoughts and opinions and we welcome you to ask as many questions as you might have related to gene therapy. All of your questions will inspire the content we include in our educational materials.

Please note: All of your answers will be anonymous. We ask that you do not provide any personally identifying health information.

We value your input. Thank you in advance for your time!


The Patient Advocacy & Engagement Team
Audentes Therapeutics

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Example questions:
- How does the type of gene therapy Audentes is developing work?
- How do you administer an investigational gene therapy product to a person?
- What are the different types of gene therapy?