Complete the ONLINE evaluation by May 4, 2017 by visiting the following website link: 

The online evaluation will expire after May 4, 2017. Late evaluations will incur a $5 processing fee. Evaluations will not be accepted after May 16th.

* 1. If you wish to obtain CE credit, please include your name, mailing address and other information. CE Credit will be submitted only for those attendees who complete the online evaluation by May 4th, 2017.

* 2. Please provide your NABP/ACPE e-Profile ID for CPE Monitor. ACPE CE providers are now asked by ACPE to report your CE to a national database, which you can access to track your CE from all ACPE-accredited providers.

To obtain your NABP CE e-profile ID for CPE Monitor, please visit

* 3. Birth Month and Day (required for NABP e-Profile ID and reporting to the NABP/ACPE CPE Monitor). NOTE: Do NOT enter your birth year.

MonthDay Format: MMDD

Birth Date July 15:
Enter: 0715

Birth Date August 03:
Enter: 0803

* Errors in your NABP e-Profile ID or Birth Date will result in your information not being reported to CPE Monitor.

* 4. Please indicate your profession: