The TMA Annual provides attendees three days of education sessions, expert panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Attendees represent the entire spectrum of the restructuring and revitalization community.

The 2017 TMA Annual Committee invites proposals that:
  • Reflect innovation and cutting edge content
  • Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement
  • Deliver best practices using approaches for different types of learners
  • Present evidence based on or supported by research
  • Target new, mid-career, and seasoned professionals
  • Use multimedia approaches, including video, audio, etc.
 Sessions are limited to 45 minutes in length

Please note: Submitting a proposal does not guarantee inclusion in the program, participation as a speaker, moderator, etc.

* 1. Primary content leader contact Information

* 2. Proposed education session title

The title should briefly identify the content and audience and should be able to stand alone, giving a clear idea of what will happen in the session.

* 3. Session Description (may use bullet points)

* 4. Why would a registrant want to attend this session?

* 5. Additional Comments:

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