Introduction & Instructions

Valley National's Tax Return Preparation Process

Step #1: We previously offered the option of ongoing Engagement and Consent forms, confirming arrangements for our team to prepare your tax return(s). We should already have these forms on file, unless you indicated that you prefer to fill them out annually. In that case, please click here to complete them now. You can also access all of our forms (including this questionnaire) in printable PDF format on our website -

Step #2: Complete this questionnaire providing details about the past tax year.

Step #3: Provide us with your supporting source documents. Click here for a checklist of common items that may apply.

Step#4: Our team will contact you with any questions, and then to let you know when your tax return(s) are ready for your review.

Step#5: Sign off on your tax return(s) and return to us for filing with the IRS.
On the next page you will indicate your delivery preferences, and then we will get started with the tax questionnaire.

NOTES: You will NOT be able to stop and save your answers, so please plan time to complete the entire survey on one visit. You WILL be able to move back within this session if you find that you need to modify an answer from a previous page.