2017 WAM Festival Artist Submission Form

The WAM Festival is back for 2017 and is once again packed with HUGE value showcasing opportunities for West Australian artists! Last year over 100 artists performed to over 10,000 punters and music industry delegates from all over the world, and this year it's all happening again from November 2 - 5. To be considered for a live performance opportunity please fill in the below form by 5pm on Thursday 20 July and hopefully we'll see you at #WAMFEST 2017!

All styles and genres are accepted but special consideration will be given to artists who:
1) Have been active on the live circuit over the last 12 months
2) Have 30 mins of original material they can perform live
3) Have a current / recent recorded release they can promote leading up the festival (single, EP or album)
4) Have active social media accounts, plus up to date bio, promo shot and stage plot

For more details on WAM's selection criteria for the Festival and other events, click here. For any queries please contact skinny@wam.org.au or mark@wam.org.au

If you are a venue, or want to promote your own event during the festival, click here to apply

* 1. Artist Name

* 2. Genre

* 3. Bio / Blurb (200 words max - describe your act & list any significant achievements)

* 4. Describe any significant activity you have coming up (200 words max - tours, releases etc)

* 5. Contact

* 6. Social Media Links

* 7. Song Submission
- To be considered for the 2017 'Kiss My WAMi' compilation & digital playlists.
- Only songs released between 1 October 2016 and the start of the Festival will be considered. Unreleased material is fine if the release is scheduled before November.

* 8. Are you a WAM member?

* 9. Are you planning on attending WAMCON 2017 (The WA Music Conference) on 3-4 November?

* 10. If you answered "yes" to Q.9 - what topics would you like to see discussed or addressed at WAMCON? Are there any local, national, or international speakers you’d like to see present?

* 11. If you answered "no" to Q.9 - is there a reason why? Your feedback will help us improve the quality and increase the appeal of WAMCON.

* 12. Would you be interested and available to perform smaller 'pop-up' performances during the day across WAMFest and WAMCON?

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