General Information and eligibility

The Department of Education and Training’s (DET) Language Teacher Register assists government schools to find qualified language teachers to fill vacant language teaching positions.

The Language Teacher Register is open to graduating, graduate and qualified language teachers who are seeking a language teaching position in a government primary or secondary school. Eligible language teachers can register using the ‘Survey Monkey’ online form.

Victorian government school principals are encouraged to contact the Languages Unit at DET if they are seeking to employ a qualified language teacher.

When a teaching position becomes available, DET will email the details of the position to eligible teachers on the Register. The onus is then on the registrant teacher to contact the school and formally apply for the position via Recruitment online (ROL).

To be eligible for inclusion on the Language Teacher Register, registrants must:

  • be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT); and
  • be currently studying to complete, have recently completed or have graduated from a teaching course with Languages methodology, and
  • be a native or near native speaker of the language and/or have completed tertiary level (university major) language studies.