Do our signs give you the confidence to move through the VMC?

How can the City of Vaughan ensure families, professionals, students, commuters, visitors and other individuals have access to the information required to physically navigate the downtown core — the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) — in such a way that is efficient and enhances the overall experience?

The City is piloting a wayfinding signage program to provide visual cues such as maps, directions and symbols to guide people from point A to point B across the VMC. The signage aims to be easily accessible to those walking, biking and taking public transit throughout the VMC, and is designed to help people navigate to local businesses, key destinations and institutions. The goal is to create a “legible city,” giving individuals the confidence to move through Vaughan's downtown, in whatever mode of travel they choose.

Are the signs doing their job? Take the survey!

Have you seen and read one or more of the five pilot signs in the VMC? We invite you to share your candid feedback the signage's effectiveness. Did it have the directional information you needed? Was it legible? Did the sign appear to have any physical damage? Did it ultimately help you reach your destination?

Your feedback is valuable and will help determine what changes, if any, are required to the signs to ensure an overall effective integrated wayfinding system within the VMC.

The survey should take approximately six minutes to complete and will remain open until Monday, Sept. 30, 2024.