9 Councillors - the right number for Kirton in Lindsey?

Following a consultation conducted by North Lincolnshire Council In 2017 - which less than 1% of the North Lincolnshire Council area population responded to - Town Councils within North Lincolnshire had their Councillor numbers dramatically reduced.
In Kirton in Lindsey’s case, from 14 to 9. Parish councils, with smaller populations, retained their Councillor numbers - some greater in number now than Kirton in Lindsey’s (3,063) (e.g. Messingham (3,379) has 15, Haxey (2,044) has 15, Scawby (1,607) has 14 and for comparison Redbourne has 8 and Hibaldstow (2,021) 11.)
This reduction in Councillors coincides with significant increase in new housing/residents in the town, and the increased responsibility of more services, some transferred from North Lincolnshire Council.
Kirton in Lindsey Town Council has tried to work with the changes imposed over recent years, however has found that over this time that fewer Councillors are able to take on more and more tasks for the benefit of the town.
We Councillors find ourselves struggling to manage. Decisions can’t be made and work/projects completed without sufficient Councillors on groups, working parties and at meetings. Most of our counterpart Town Councils across North Lincolnshire tell us that they find themselves in the same position.
There is a method whereby an increase in Councillors for Kirton in Lindsey can be agreed, but not without you, our residents help. This will NOT impact your precept as ALL of your elected Town Councillors are unpaid volunteers.  Do you think 9 Councillors is the right number to be making decisions for all residents of Kirton in Lindsey? 
Kirton in Lindsey Town Council are actively seeking your help by asking for your opinion and if you think the current number of unpaid volunteer Councillors for the town is right to achieve the level of support our town needs.

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* 1. Do you think 9 Councillors is the right number to be making decisions for all residents of Kirton in Lindsey?

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* 2. Will you show your support to Kirton in Lindsey Town Councils aim to increase our Councillor numbers in order to best support you?

Thank you for taking part in this survey.