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* 3. Off-site Levies Regulation – New (Repeal and Replace)

See the full draft Off-Sites Levies Regulation with proposed changes.

This regulation outlines the principles and criteria a municipality must follow when negotiating, determining and calculating off-site levies for facility and infrastructure requirements; appeals for off-site levies and transparency provisions on how the levies are calculated, collected and reported.

What’s changing: The Modernized Municipal Government Act (MMGA) enabled off-site levies to include community recreation facilities, libraries, fire halls and police stations to empower municipalities to work in partnership with developers and ensure Albertans and their families have access to these facilities. This new regulation was drafted to accompany that requirement and proposes to:

·         Update general principles for identifying, consulting on, funding and coordinating infrastructure needs;
·         Create additional principles for the new expanded scope (i.e. fire halls, police stations, libraries and recreation facilities)
·         Identify criteria for developing levy formulas;
·         Identify considerations upon which a levy is calculated;
·         Update consultation requirements;
·         Update reporting requirements; and
·         Update Off-site Levy bylaw appeal requirements.

Please provide your feedback on this new draft regulation below.