Benefits of Virtual Training

While face-to-face training is very effective for building team spirit, most (but not all) of the benefits can also be achieved by virtual training in groups.

In addition, there has been a significant shift of business activity into cyberspace, so this format is increasingly acceptable.

Scatterwork achieves most of the benefits of traditional classroom training via a combination of:

-Web meeting environment
-Voice contact between the participants
-Assignments in groups, providing more variety than e.g. webinars.
-Shared visual tools, such as slides, text, white board and internet.

The questions on this page relate to the benefits of Scatterwork Virtual Training, while another page is related to the disadvantages.

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* 1. In your opinion, which are the most important benefits of Scatterwork Virtual Training (simulating a traditional training room)?

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* 2. What other benefits does Virtual Training have compared with traditional events?