The Turner Valley RCMP would like to reach out to residents of Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Longview and Foothills County to gain a better understanding of the policing needs within each of these communities.

This survey asks for three things:

1)      Your perception of the past year;

2)      How you feel about the current state of safety and crime in your communities, and

3)      For your priorities for the coming year.

Feedback from the communities is important to the Turner Valley RCMP.  Your suggestions will help form the Annual Policing Plan for the Turner Valley RCMP for your communities for the fiscal year.

We realize not everyone has the same definition of what crime means, and we may have different experiences so please tell us what matters to you.  As you will see in the questions we have tried to provide some focus on areas of crime ranging from traffic offences to property crime.

Please focus your comments on the coming year and ideas or suggestions for how we can keep Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Longview and Foothills County safe communities with a great quality of life.

This is an anonymous survey and all comments with any personal or identifying information will remain confidential.  Please see the statement at the end of the survey that ensures your privacy.

Question Title

* 1. Is there one big concern you would like to share? Please note it here. There are more specific questions below where you can provide details and comments.

Question Title

* 2. Think about the past year in your communities, please describe any changes you have observed about crime in general in your communities.

Question Title

* 3. As a resident of Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Longview, or Foothills County, how often do you worry about the following?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often N/A
Vehicle theft or damage
Having your home, business, garage, outbuilding broken into
Vehicle traffic safety
Personal safety and that of family and pets

Question Title

* 4. Which Community do you live in?

Question Title

* 5. Do you have specific concerns about any of the following in your area?  Check all that apply.

Question Title

* 6. Thinking about the things you have listed in the questions above, please list three priorities you would like Turner Valley RCMP to focus on in the coming year.

Question Title

* 7. Optional - If you had any interactions in the past 12 months with the Turner Valley RCMP, please let us know about your experience.

  Very satisfied Satisfied N/A - No Opinion Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
Officer was professional in carrying out their duty
Officer was respectful
Officer was friendly in greeting and demeanor
I felt satisfied with the interaction or response
Officer went above and beyond to help me
It is clear the Officer cares about our community

Question Title

* 8. Have you been a victim of crime in your community in the last 12 months?
If you answered YES to this question please answer question #9.  If you answered NO proceed to question #10.

Question Title

* 9. Optional - If you have been the victim of a crime in your community in the past 12 months, please describe the situation. REMEMBER, not to give any personal information in your response. If you do, please be advised that your privacy is protected (see the statement at the end). Thank you for sharing to help us understand more about how we can work in the communities.

  Reported Not reported
It was a property crime
It was a vehicle theft
It was a violent crime

Question Title

* 10. The Turner Valley RCMP cares about the communities it polices and often go unrecognized. Please share some positive feedback we can pass on to them here.

Question Title

* 11. The RCMP are committed to providing survey respondents with a forum that respects your privacy. 

In anonymous surveys, we do not automatically gather any personal information from you, such as your name, phone number, address or e-mail address. This information is only obtained if you supply it voluntarily in a comment field or by handwriting it on a paper form.

Any personal information that is provided will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected or for a consistent purpose. Further, we keep the information for only the length of time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. Under Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, we are obligated to protect your personal information. Should you have any questions please visit

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