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* 3. Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Regulation – New

See the full draft Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Regulation.

What’s changing: The Modernized Municipal Government Act (MMGA) added in the requirement for municipalities with a common border to create Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICF) with each other, within two years of the MMGA coming into force. ICFs will address the sharing of services on an intermunicipal basis and ensure municipalities work together to build the best communities and deliver the best services possible to their residents. This new regulation was drafted to establish the requirements for adopting, implementing and amending an ICF. Key elements include:

·         the basic ICF negotiation requirements;
·         a dispute resolution process requirements for ICF negotiations;
·         a dispute resolution process for ICF agreements;
·         the appointment of an arbitrator;
·         an arbitrator’s powers;
·         public participation in the arbitration process; and
·         judicial review of arbitrator powers.

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