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* 3. Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Regulation - New

See the full draft Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Regulation.

What’s changing: The Municipal Government Amendment Act added in the requirement for councils to establish a Code of Conduct for councillors to ensure elected officials govern in an ethical and businesslike manner. The new Municipal Government Act and new codes of conduct will help elected officials do the best job they can to keep Alberta municipalities strong and vibrant. This new regulation was drafted to accompany the requirement above and proposes to:
  • establish the requirements for and prescribe the content of a code of conduct that will apply directly to elected officials;
  • establish minimum requirements for matters that the code of conduct must address such as representing the municipality, communicating on behalf of the municipality, adherence to policies, procedures and bylaws, respectful interactions with councillors, staff, the public and others, and conflict of interest;
  • establish who may make a complaint and how complaints are submitted;
  • establish a process used to determine the validity of the complaint;
  • establish the types of sanctions that may be used for violation of the code of conduct bylaw such as a letter of reprimand, requirement to attend training, suspension or removal of appointments to committees;
  • establish that a council must have a code of conduct within 270 days of proclamation of the Act; and
  • establish that the code of conduct and any related bylaw be reviewed every four years. 

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