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Guidelines, Training, Facts, and Myths

This live, facilitator-led, informational, risk management webinar on impact munitions is incredibly timely and informative, especially given the increasing frequency of civil disturbances across the United States. With protests escalating in intensity and potential danger, having a thorough understanding of impact munitions and their proper usage is crucial for public safety agencies, personnel, and the communities they serve.

The webinar covers a comprehensive range of topics, including guidelines, considerations, training, facts, and myths surrounding impact munitions. Given recent incidents like the May 2024, $1.5 million settlement by the Los Angeles Police Department for an alleged projectile injury to a protester, it is clear there are significant legal, financial, and career risks associated with their use. Understanding manufacturer specifications, kinetic energy, and injury risk management tactics and techniques are essential for mitigating these risks and ensuring the safety of both officers and civilians.

Upcoming events like the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and potential high- profile incidents (think Republican and Democratic National Conventions, post-presidential election results, and high-profile and controversial officer-associated deaths) require being well-prepared and informed, which is key to avoiding becoming the next target of civil lawsuits or criminal prosecutions. This webinar provides valuable insights and strategies for effectively
managing these risks in challenging situations.
  • Topics discussed in this facilitator-led webinar include:
  • Impact munition guidelines and considerations
  • Impact munition training
  • Impact munition facts
  • Impact munition myths
  • Impact munition manufacturer specifications and warnings
  • Kinetic energy and its importance in injury risk management
  • Multi-projection munitions
  • Plus, more

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. PDT (Noon in New York)

A. David Berman, M.S. is a nationally recognized munitions, defensive
tactics, impact tool, and firearms instructor who is a sworn Pennsylvania Constable. A former member of a medium-sized police department’s Emergency Services Unit, he is an Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE) Certified Litigation Specialist and serves as Vice President of the IPICD.

$49 per person for IPICD members; $75 per person for non-members. Tuition includes instruction and certificate. Register here.