Thank you for your interest in serving on an ACAAI committee. Committee service is an important way to support our members and ensure the College's work continues to advance the specialty.

Please keep the following in mind as you complete the application:

- You must be an active ACAAI member to apply.
- You may choose up to three (3) committees (in priority order) that best match your interests.
- The length of service on most committees is two years.
- Members may serve on up to three (3) committees at the same time.
- You may view your current committee appointments in your online Member Profile.

Below is a list of the College's committees with openings (organized by councils). To learn more about each of the College's committees, please visit the Our Organization and Governance section of the ACAAI member website.

If you have questions about the function of any of the College's committees, please contact Katerina Barcal, ACAAI Associate Executive Director at

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