Launched in February 2021, the Midlands LGBT+ Project runs adult support and social groups, training, workshops, LGBT+ events and advocates for LGBT+ people.  It is funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and the National Office of Suicide Protection and managed by Youth Work Ireland Laois.  After a busy first year, we want to review our activity to identify what we can improve.  For this, we need your help!
This research involves an anonymous questionnaire run by Dr Ingrid Holme, partially funded by Healthy Laois.  Ingrid will analyse the data and write a short report for the LGBT+ Midlands Project team.  This information will let us tailor our work to your specific interests and ensure we deliver a high-quality programme. 
Why are we asking you to fill this in?
You are invited to participate because you have seen this link on social media or participated in one of the Midlands LGBT+ Project activities. 

The questionnaire is open to everyone -you do not have to live in the Midland/Kildare Region or identify as LGBT+.

How long will it take, and what will I be asked?
The first part of the survey takes approximately 6 minutes.  This section asks about your general experience with the project, any suggestions, and brief details about who you are.
The second part takes about 15 minutes.  It asks about your experience in more detail and includes issues which may impact current service provision.
Key points
  • Participation is voluntary, and you can choose not to participate by not filling in the questions.
  • Your responses are confidential, and we do not collect identifying information such as your name or IP address.
  • The LGBT+ Midlands Project staff will not have access to any of the data. 
  • All data is stored in a password-protected electronic format. 
  • Quantitative responses will be reported as overall statistics. 
  • If you write any text in the open boxes, these may be quoted in the report.  However, no details will be included that could identify you.
  • This data will be used for scholarly purposes and programme development only. 
This activity has been registered with UCD, Dublin (Research Ethics Reference Number HS-C-22-93-Holme)
If you have questions about the survey, don't hesitate to contact Ingrid (  Please let us know if you spot any typos or if any questions are not phrased clearly.
We appreciate your input!

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