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We, the undersigned Academic Student Employees (ASEs), call on the University of Washington Administration to bargain collectively with us to  ensure that all ASEs can work and learn free from discrimination. Our demands include the following:
  • Invest meaningfully in the development of anti-discrimination (including anti-sexual harassment) trainings that ASEs--hired specifically for this task-- deliver to our peers, and institute departmental equity committees of ASEs and departmental administrators that work to promote a climate of equity and inclusion in each department and have structured accountability; 
  • Improve the manner in which UW Admin responds to acts of discrimination by ensuring that ASEs who are subjected to and/or report discrimination will be able to continue to work and learn in an environment free from discrimination;
  • Expand ASEs’ access to information about their rights by ensuring all new ASEs receive adequate union orientations;
  • Recognize the fundamental role and value of ASE involvement in enforcing the contract and developing an improved campus culture by committing to paid positions for ASEs to conduct this critical ongoing work. 
While we are encouraged by the incremental progress made by the UW in recognizing our shared interest in jointly developing trainings, we find the slow pace of negotiations and limited scope of Admin's proposals unacceptable. We will take necessary further action if the union and university do not reach agreement on these and other important non-economic topics by the agreed upon deadline of April 5th.

We further call on UW Administration to stop threatening to reduce our fee waivers and health benefits as a ploy to distract our attention from our shared interest in having an ASE workforce that is compensated in a manner that enables us to focus on the critical work we do in delivering the UW instructional and research missions free from the distraction of economic necessity and that improves the standing of UW as world-class university by providing us competitive funding.

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