Vineyard Futureworks (VFWK) Survey - Collecting ideas from the community to shape the future.

We invite you to unleash your imagination by sharing your vision of a 2050 Martha's Vineyard and how we solved the problems we are facing today to get there.  In this survey you will have an opportunity to address specific facets of Island life that present challenges today and how you would resolve them. You have many topic areas to pick from, as well as adding your own. But, you don't need to address all topic areas. Select the ones that have the most meaning for you, or possibly those for which you have some great ideas that you wish the community would consider.

This Vineyard Futureworks survey is part of an effort started by the MV Times which is challenging the community to consider what the future of Martha's Vineyard will look like as we enter 2020. The initial deadline is aggressive (December 26 publish date for the Times), so we need your help now. We will be collecting all survey submissions and reviewing them on Friday, December 13th at the MV Museum from 10AM-12PM. From there we will present our collated findings to the MV Times. So please take a moment now and share your ideas and visions. You can help us all determine the future for our Island.

We look forward to hearing the ideas our community has to make life better for this Island we call home. If you don't mind we would also appreciate you leaving your name and an email address where we may be able to contact you, as well as answering a few demographic questions to help in our processing everything you share with us.

Please choose one or more of the topics below and add your comments and ideas of how to resolve these issues, and how you think that will make the Island look in 2050 if your ideas are implemented. Please feel free to leave any answer boxes empty if you do not wish to share anything for that topic. (If you have questions, please email them to or call Bob Johnston at 781.784-7841.

Question Title

* 1. Do you have any thoughts, ideas or solutions for any of the Island issues listed below? Check the ones you would like to share your input on and select NEXT at the bottom of the page. You will be presented with a page for each issue you selected where you can type in your contributions. We look forward to reading your ideas!