The International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board (Board) is seeking your input. The Board has discretionary authority granted by the International Joint Commission (IJC) to temporarily alter flows from Plan 2014 prescribed flows at the Moses-Saunders Dam on the St. Lawrence River within specific parameters. The minor deviation sometimes implemented in the fall is meant to provide improved conditions for boat haul-out on Lake St. Lawrence upstream of the dam by raising water levels.

The Board would like to collect information on where people access the water to remove their boats, when and how they do so, and whether or not they take advantage of the opportunity provided by the minor deviation. This information will help the Board in the future when considering minor deviation strategies to improve conditions within the system that would facilitate the removal of boats from the water.

For questions on geographic location if your response matches multiple answers please select the answer that reflects where you spend the majority of your time.

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* 1. Do you live and recreate in the United States or Canada?

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* 2. Which section of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River system do you live and/or recreate in?

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