Individual or Head of Household Information

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This first section is to register individuals or heads of households for V Encuentro (Sept. 24), DMD (Sept. 25), or BOTH Days (Sept. 24-25).

The second section is to register a spouse for either day, or both days.

The last section is to register children, but for V Encuentro only.

When finished, you automatically go to the Vanco page for online payment. You can skip that if your parish or school is paying for you.

* 2. First

* 3. Last

* 4. Email Address

* 6. Address

* 7. City

* 8. State

* 9. Zip

* 10. Role (check all that apply)

* 11. Gender

* 12. Age

* 13. Country of Origin (for V Encuentro registrations only)

* 16. Special Needs - Please list any special needs you (or your family members) would like to request. E.g. ASL interpreters, Allergies/Gluten free food, etc.

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