Tēnā koutou (Greeting in Maori).  Thank you for your consideration to participate in this international study about neuroscience nurses’ experience of violence and aggression.  This project is being carried out by Caroline Woon who is a clinical nurse educator on an acute neuroscience ward in New Zealand. 

Purpose: The purpose of the research is to determine the prevalence of violence and aggression internationally amongst neuroscience nurses in ward environments and the support and education that is provided. 

What do you need to do: You will have received a link to the questionnaire – please note you have the right one, there is one for educators and one for nurses.  Please complete the questionnaire as you are able to, it should only take up to 10 minutes to complete.  If you feel upset by any past experiences whilst completing this questionnaire, please speak to your charge nurse manager, work colleague or friend.  You may need to ask for some counselling or further support.  

The results: The data collected will be kept on a password protected computer.  As a result a paper will be published and the research presented at a conference in 2021.    

This project has been notified as low risk research.  Thank you in advance for your time and together we can make a difference to our experience of violence and aggression in neuroscience nursing. 

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary.  It will not influence your membership or good standing with the American association of neuroscience nursing.  Should you decide to participate, your consent is implied by completion of the survey.  The questionnaire results are anonymised.  Thanks so much.

Please feel free to contact Caroline Woon (caroline.woon@ccdhb.org.nz) if you have any questions about this project  

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