Coyote Watch Canada (CWC) is presently looking for feedback regarding our outreach and education initiatives, as well as general awareness of wildlife coexistence bylaws in Canada. We're interested in understanding where we're succeeding and what can be enhanced, especially in the context of understanding coyote-related concerns and identifying potential barriers to wildlife coexistence education. The results of this survey will be used to enhance CWC's education and outreach programs.

This survey is being conducted by Coyote Watch Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Wildlife Federation's (CWF) Canadian Conservation Corps program. This survey has been approved by the CWF's research board. There is no anticipated risk in answering this survey and all answers will be kept anonymous. You can choose to not answer specific questions. This survey will likely take 15 minutes to complete.

 Please contact with any questions or concerns.

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* 1. Prior to this survey, were you aware of Coyote Watch Canada?

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* 2. Where did you hear about Coyote Watch Canada?