Welcome to the City of Kamloops Energy Step Code Incentive Program Orientation.

The objective of this orientation is to help you to navigate the Energy Step Code generally, and the City’s Energy Step Code Incentive Program specifically. This orientation is meant to ensure you know some of the key differences in the design, permitting and construction of a house for Step Code compared with the current BC Building Code.  For more information on the Step Code visit: energystepcode/for-industry

The main shift of the Energy Step Code is to transition from the current prescriptive BCBC to regulations for energy efficiency using a performance based approach.  The Energy Step Code requires the addition of an Energy Advisor to the project who uses the design of your building to model its energy efficiency, as each step has efficiency targets which must be met in order to be compliant.

Completing this orientation and registration is mandatory to participate in the City of Kamloops Energy Step Code Incentive Program.