The Volusia County School Board is proposing changes to the 2019-2020 school year. The changes could impact the start and end time of schools at all levels. The following information is intended to help share background information related to the proposed changes and determine your preference for bell schedules.

The estimated time to complete this survey is less than 15 minutes.

The main factors for this proposed change include the addition of 30 minutes to the elementary student day and to build more time between bus routes to avoid late buses.  

The Volusia County School Board recognizes the voice in all stakeholder opinions. In its next workshop scheduled for March 28th, they will review the survey results and feedback in all stakeholder categories.

Please note: The Volusia County School Board will have the ultimate decision in start times for the School Year 2019-2020.

Survey Window Time: March 11th - March 25th (closes at 11:45pm)

School Board Workshop: March 28th

Who can share their opinion?

Everyone! Please select an identifier on the next page to help us accurately report the opinions of all who participate in the survey.

Will my opinion be private?

Yes, the survey will ask for an email address to help ensure that each person’s vote is counted one time.  You will not receive emails or have your email shared with anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  Your feedback is very important to us. 


To assist you in reading the following charts please refer to the following definitions:

·         Run Time = the time allotted to complete a bus route

·         AM Arrive = the time buses would arrive at school in order to allow students time for breakfast

·         AM Bell= the official start of the instructional day (any student arriving after this would be considered tardy)

·         AM Leave = the time that buses would leave the school to begin their next route

Please note: You will see an overview of all available options prior to selecting your preferred Bell Schedule option. 

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