Constructech Magazine's 2019 Vision Awards

The Constructech Vision Awards honor construction companies that have realized the advantages of where construction and technology converge and how they can successfully apply it to their everyday businesses. These awards are for construction companies that have done something innovative with technology, which includes combining two technologies in a unique way and automating something has never been automated before, as a few examples.

In addition to honoring builders and contractors, Constructech magazine will also recognize the hardware and software suppliers that have enabled the construction company to achieve its goals.

A representative from the winning end-user company must be in attendance during the ceremony to be eligible to win.

Also, please note the following:
- The company being nominated must be an end user.

- Technology providers cannot nominate themselves.

- If the nominee wins, its solution providers will also be honored as technology enablers. Technology enablers being recognized will need to be in attendance to be eligible to win.

- The Vision Awards will be presented at the awards ceremony following the annual Technology Day Conference.

- All required signatures must be provided on the payment/approval form at the end of the survey.

- Entrants can’t talk about entry prior to announcement.

- The cost to enter a nominee for Constructech magazine’s 2019 Vision Awards is $525.

Extended Submission Deadline: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Awards Ceremony: Summer 2019, part of the Technology Day conference

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