Peer Support Coalition of Florida, Inc. (PSCFL) is proud to launch the Peer Leadership Academy of Florida (PLAFL). PLAFL is a program funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) under Statewide Consumer Network Program (SCN) grant. A goal of the SCN is to emphasize and build statewide consumer leadership within consumer-operated organizations and in the community. PSCFL’s fulfillment of the goal is presenting the Peer Leadership Academy of Florida (PLAFL).

What is the PLAFL?

PLAFL is an individualized learning model for leadership development of peers in Florida’s SCN peer networks through participation in a leadership growth webinar, leadership development Mastermind group, completion of leadership assessments and creation of a Personal Leadership Philosophy and Growth Plan.

How does the PLAFL work?

Prospective participants are required to apply to participate in the PLAFL.

A statewide cohort of peers will be selected annually, during the grant period, to participate.

Under PLAFL staff guidance, each participant will create an individual leadership plan based on their development level and the goals they set for their development.

Graduates of past cohorts will be engaged to provide mentorship to others.

Attention will be given to cultural and linguistic competencies and requested accommodations.

Milestones and achievements will be documented and recognized.

Who can apply?

Any Florida peer who is taking an active leadership role in their local community, PSCFL, or a regional or local network.

How can you apply?

Complete the PLAFL application form.

What are the benefits of participating in PLAFL?

  • Opportunity for individual personal and professional growth
  • Explore and create a Personal Leadership Philosophy and Growth Plan
  • Join a community of peers for ongoing support, networking, and mentoring
  • Participate in leadership opportunities such as peer networks, boards, advisory councils, etc.
  • Practice leadership skills through small group facilitation
  • Personal copy of the selected leadership book