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* 3. Matters Relating to Assessment and Complaints Regulation – Updated

See the full draft Matters Relating to Assessment and Complaints Regulation with proposed changes.

This regulation is the primary regulation for the property assessment complaint process.

What’s changing: The Modernized Municipal Government Act (MMGA) establishes that:
  • composite Assessment Review Boards will hear complaints about business taxes, as well as levies on business improvement areas, and award costs to participants when appropriate;
  • assessors will be able to make corrections to assessments under complaint without needing ratification from the assessment review board or having the complaint withdrawn first; and
  • Assessment Review Board decisions may be appealed at Court of Queen’s Bench by judicial review only.
This regulation was drafted to accompany that process and meet the needs of municipalities, industry and all Albertans when they have concerns about assessments. This regulation proposes to:
  • repeal provisions that limit Assessment Review Boards from hearing evidence in some circumstances;
  • allow parties to a hearing to request that the record be sealed prior to the disclosure process;
  • clarify the process for filing agent authorization forms;
  • add a filing fee for assessment complaints regarding major plants; and
  • change references to ‘linear property’ to ‘designated industrial property.’
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