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If you have questions or require accommodations such as completing this form over a voice call, please contact us via or through the Amtgard V9 Facebook Page.


Before you fill out this form, please read carefully:

The Amtgard V9 Team is looking for parks to help conduct in-person playtests to support the on-going development of the next edition of Amtgard.
In order to register, your park as a whole must be willing to participate in this program. You must speak with your park officers and fellow players before submitting an application.

You will not be playtesting a finished product. The rules in the alpha playtest are not final, nor will all sections be complete. They are a work in progress and therefore subject to change. Changes may occur frequently.

Alpha playtesting may not be suitable for all parks and players. If your players are looking to play a more complete and polished version of Amtgard V9, please wait until the open beta playtest begins in Summer/Fall 2023.

You must gather the following before proceeding:
  • Proof of support from your park.This can be a link to althing results, a signed document, an informal poll, or anything else that clearly shows majority support from your populace for joining this playtest.
  • Names of at least three (3) park officers who are in support of this registration. Kingdom officers can also support this registration for parks that are allowed to operate with less than 3 officers.

Once registered, all players from your park will be allowed to access the Amtgard V9 Discord server to provide feedback and engage in discussion.

The registration form should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

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* 1. Would you like to register your park for inclusion in the Amtgard V9 Closed Alpha Playtest?

20% of survey complete.