You are invited to participate in a survey of Open Access (OA)/Open Science/Scholarship (OS) services/infrastructure in Europe commissioned by SPARC Europe. We look forward to reporting results in the coming months in close collaboration with OPERAS.
This survey will help Invest in Open Infrastructure, SCOSS, and current and future funders understand what digital European OA & OS Infrastructures (OSIs) exist, who they serve and how, and how open and sustainable this infrastructure is.
This survey will help guide funders on what the current OA/OS infrastructure landscape looks like to consider a strategy on how one might more effectively fund it. We hope to bring greater visibility and a deeper understanding of Europe's rich infrastructure offering.

Taking the survey: This survey will be split into 2 parts, the first issued in May, and the second in June. The aim of this first part is to analyse the infrastructure offering in general and the contribution it makes to open principles, also to highlight some of Europe’s open infrastructure champions on a dedicated site. To be considered, don't delay responding to the survey.
The intent of the survey's 2nd part is to gain a more in-depth understanding of the infrastructure’s community, technical design and sustainability. We strongly encourage you to fill in both surveys as these deeper insights will inform funders in future.
Definitions: We define OA & OS Infrastructure (OSI) as sets of services, protocols, standards and software contributing to the research lifecycle – from collaboration and experimentation through data collection and storage, data organization, data analysis and computation, authorship, submission, review and annotation, copyediting, publishing, archiving, citation, discovery and more (IOI definition).

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on established international, national or regional OA & OS infrastructure. We define “established” as OSIs operating for at least 2 years. If you're a newer project, do get in touch.
We invite the owner or director of the OSI preferably to complete this survey. 
Do not be discouraged if you are unable to answer all questions - all answers will help us paint a picture of OA/OS infrastructure in Europe. Although we would like you to answer every question, only those questions marked with an asterisk * are mandatory. You may withdraw from the survey at any time and will not be penalised. The survey is in English. While we appreciate English responses, free-text questions can be answered in other languages but we are dependent on automatic tools to decipher these.
Completing the survey will take approximately 30 minutes. A PDF is available here. For questions, reach out to

Ethics and data protection policy
The survey questionnaire is managed by SPARC Europe. To identify you as a champion, your name and position are required to submit answers. However, answers will be reported in aggregate in a report; personal data will be removed before the dataset is deposited on Zenodo with a CC0 licence. You may supply your name & contact details to be informed of the survey's outcomes & to answer any follow-up questions.

Deadline 5 June 2020
6% of survey complete.