MPELH Parenting Hub Mini Grant 2022

Welcome to MPELH Parenting Hub Mini Grant 2022 application.
Contact MPELH Parenting Hub at with any questions while you work through this process.
Upon review and approval of programming plans, you will receive an award letter which will serve as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Once the MOU is returned and signed by MPELH, an initial payment of 50% of the grant total will be issued. Upon successful completion and submission of final report/evaluations, your organization may invoice MPELH for remaining balance. Initial advancement exceptions may be granted depending on program needs. Please work with your MPELH representative, if needed.
Curriculum Fidelity:
Funded organizations will be responsible for making sure the facilitator adheres to the fidelity of the curriculum. MPELH will conduct up to 2 site visits during the course of the series.

Children Activities:
Funds are available to support child care and child activities and that are educational based. Screen time, such as movies and computer games are not allowed as child activities.

Data Collection:
Participants will need to complete evaluations. A MPELH staff member will provide the evaluation materials and/or links as appropriate. Funded organizations must collect and report information as described at the end of this application prior to final payment being made.
A minimum of 8 participants is desired prior to starting program. The funded organization/independent contractor should work develop recruitment strategies if needed and as appropriate.

Participant privacy is important to Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub. All grantees will be asked to follow protocols on keeping participant personal information (email, phone numbers, etc.) secure and recruiting participants. Training/ and specific information will be provided.