Please complete all fields of this annual meter reading form. Failure to timely submit an annual meter reading form by September 5th can result in a late meter reading fee of $50.
When reading meters, please note the presence of any "fixed 0's" to the right of the movable numbers. These 0's should be included in the meter reading to correctly read the actual gallons metered.

Meter Reading Example

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Meter Reading Example

* Meter Reading

* Permittee

* Have you recently taken ownership of this well/property since September of last year?

* Current Contact Information

* (If Different from above)

* Please let us know if you have any comments or additional questions.

I hereby submit my meter reading to Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District for the compliance with the LPP permit conditions and requirements. I certify that I am the property owner or lessee/grantee or an authorized agent, and that the provided responses  herein are true  and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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