Please complete this form if you wish to notify the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland that your organisation is ready to be called forward for registration. All organisations with charitable purposes will be required to register. Note that this form is NOT your registration application.

You do not need to complete this form if:

1. Your organisation is already on the deemed list of charities, that is you have an HMRC charitable tax reference number; or
2. You have already notified the Commission of the organisation to be called forward.

All questions are mandatory and must be completed.

If you need any help or wish to ask us a question about this form, please email or call us on 028 3832 0220.

1. Please enter your organisation's full name (as stated in its governing document) in the box below.

2. Please enter the name of a contact person for your organisation in the box below. This will be the person the Commission will contact regarding the organisation's application for registration. It is up to your organisation to decide who this person will be. It may be a trustee, an employee or your professional or legal adviser.

3. Please describe your contact person's relationship to the organisation, for example if your contact person is an employee then please specify their role within the organisation.

4. Please provide an address for your organisation. If the organisation does not have a specific address, please enter the address of the contact person for the organisation.

5. Please provide a landline telephone number for your organisation. If the organisation does not have a telephone number, please enter the landline telephone number of the contact person for the organisation.

6. Please provide an email address for your organisation. This must be the email of the contact person for your organisation as we will send important information via email regarding your application for registration.

7. Please provide your organisation's website address.

8. If you have any special requirements, for example any accessibility needs, please let us know in the text box below.

9. Please provide details of any special circumstances which means your registration application may have to begin early.

10. Under section 167 of the Charities Act some organisations are not charities under the law of Northern Ireland, and have their main base outside of Northern Ireland, but operate for charitable purposes in or from Northern Ireland. These organisations, known as section 167 institutions, would be registered as a charity in another jurisdiction, such as Ireland, England and Wales or Scotland, and will not be called forward by the Commission to apply for registration until all organisations which are charities under the law of Northern Ireland have been called forward. If you think your organisation might be a 167 institution please tell us in the box below.