1. The Seminole Business Awards

It's time to nominate your business or a business you know for the Seminole Business Awards, a way the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce - and you - will recognize businesses of all sizes. The deadline for nominations is June 30.

The categories are:
* Sole Proprietor
* 2-5 employees
* 6-10 employees
* 11-25 employees
* 25-100 employees
* 101-500 employees
* More than 500 employees
* Non Profit: Small (10 or fewer employees) and Large (11 or more employees)

The categories will be judged exclusively based on their online applications. No outside materials will be considered.

Each company will be judged on the following criteria, with all factors ranked equally.
* Overall business accomplishments for the past 12 months
* Investment in Seminole County
* Company culture and what makes your company different
* Corporate philanthropy in volunteer hours and corporate donations
* Company growth in employees, revenue, profit or other measures

For all company information, please submit only Central Florida data. Central Florida includes the four-county area of Seminole, Orange, Osceola and Lake counties. 

In addition, companies will not be judged, but are asked to provide the number of years in business. A company does not have to be located in Seminole County to qualify, however, they must show a strong investment in the county and its community.

Please remember to collect all answers before starting the form. Your data will not be saved until you hit submit. If you have questions, please contact Rebekah at rarthur@seminolebusiness.org.

Finally, the number of nominations has no bearing on judges. Only one nomination per company will be submitted to the judges. One quality nomination is all it takes to win.

* 1. Your Name

* 2. Your Company

* 3. Your Address

* 4. Your Phone Number

* 5. Your E-mail

* 6. Nominee Company 

* 7. Contact Person at Company

* 8. Full nominee address, including city, state and zip code

* 9. Nominee Phone Number

* 10. Nominee Email

* 11. Does the nominee know they are being nominated?

* 12. What category would you like to nominate a company for? (employees are company-wide, not local)

* 13. Why are you nominating this company? Please be sure to include a summary with the judging criteria included.

* 14. Over the past 12 months, what are some of the significant accomplishments of this company?

* 15. Describe the culture of the company, such as employee benefits and other quality of life aspects?

* 16. How has the company invested in Seminole County?

* 17. Please describe the company's philanthropic efforts, including volunteer hours and corporate donations.

* 18. How has the company experienced growth over the past three years? Examples include employee growth, expansion or revenue growth. Actual numbers are preferred instead of percentages.

* 19. What makes this company different from the rest?

* 20. Is there any additional information the judges should take into consideration?

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