Help us make decisions and shape the direction of the Beautification Commission efforts in Hopkinsville. Tell us what improvements you want to see. Survey ends on July 1.

* 1. The “Banners on the Boulevard” (from Pennyrile Parkway north to Walnut Street) was a beautification project began in 2016. Public reception has been very positive. If we expand the “Banners” project, where do you think they would have the most impact?

* 2. Over the last few years, some of the entrances into Hopkinsville along Eagle Way Bypass/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Way have been landscaped with white fences and plants. These improvements are meant to provide a welcoming entrance to visitors. Please rank the choices below in the order you feel are still in need of improvements.  Rank from most important (1) to least important (9).

* 3. Is Hopkinsville investing enough efforts in beautification?

* 4. Would you like to see more murals in Hopkinsville?

* 5. In which of the following activities would you be most interested in participating?  Check all that apply.

* 6. Where do you feel additional planters (or hanging baskets) would be beneficial in the downtown area?  Check all that apply.