Run For It 5k 2018
Virtual Meet-Up Registration

Thank you for joining us for our 6th Annual Run For It 5K on Saturday, April 14th! We are excited to work with you. As a virtual runner, you will have the opportunity to share hope and help in your community in a new way. And by organizing this meet-up, you'll be able to do so alongside your friends, family, and neighbors too! 

* 1. Tell us about you!

* 2. Are you registered as a Virtual Runner?

* 3. Did you know if you and four friends order your Virtual Runner Packs together you can receive a 20% off discount? (That means one pack is FREE!)

* 4. Did you create a personalized fundraising page?

* 5. How did you find out about the Run For It 5k?

* 6. Have you ever ran a 5k before?

* 7. Have you ever participated in TWLOHA's Run For It 5k before?

* 8. When is your Meet Up?

Date / Time

* 9. Where is your Meet Up?

* 10. Is your Meet Up open to the public?

* 11. Can TWLOHA tell others in your area about the Meet Up?

* 12. Will you encourage your meet up participants to take photos and post using #runforit5k? We'd love to see group photos and pictures with your response cards?