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Do you have a research story to share with the ANFF community? If so, we invite you to submit an abstract for the ANFF Showcase ‘ANFF – Connected’, which will take place in Melbourne on Monday 12 February 2024.

This event will celebrate the achievements and impact of the ANFF clients and partners. You will learn how ANFF enables cutting-edge research and technology development across various domains and sectors. The sessions will feature inspiring examples of innovative solutions to real-world problems for people, planet, communications and the frontier. You will also hear from industry leaders on how to leverage a connected ecosystem for success and join a lively panel discussion on the benefits and challenges of partnerships. Each selected talk will be 10 minutes long, followed by a brief Q&A session.

To apply for a speaking opportunity at the ANFF Research Showcase, please fill out this form.

The deadline for submission is Thursday 30st of November 2023.

We are looking for abstracts related to innovative solutions to real-world problems in the following areas:

Technology for the planet
  • How technology can help protect the environment or improve the efficiency of existing solutions.
Technology for the people
  • How technology can enhance food production or quality, or advance medical technologies for better health outcomes.
  • How technology can create new materials and structures for the future of construction and architecture.
Technology for communications and exploration
  • How technology can improve or secure the transmission and storage of data and information.
  • How technology can address the challenges in space and defence. 
Technology for the frontier
  • How technology can explore new frontiers and breakthroughs that are not yet defined or understood.
  • This could include topics such as quantum, photonics and semiconductors. 
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Photo credit: Photo by NASA on Unsplash