The acquisition, construction, and maintenance of parks and open space is costly. While the Board of Supervisors have not raised taxes in over thirty years, additional funding will be required to continue supporting these efforts.

Please take a few minutes to read and respond to the questions below as it will help guide future decisions about funding.

Your responses will be confidential and will not be identified by name. All responses will be compiled and analyzed as a group. The survey will only be available until March 31, 2020. Results of both surveys will be posted on the Upper Saucon Township website.

In November 2008, a narrow majority of the voters in the Township rejected a referendum that would have allowed the Earned Income Tax to be increased to finance the acquisition of real property to preserve open space.

If the measure had passed, it would have generated approximately $1.25 million annually for open space in the Township.

If the Township were to place the same referendum on the ballot in the near future, a .25 increase (the maximum increase) would generate over $2,033,500 million annually for land conservation. The cost to the average homeowner would be about $360.00 annually or about $7.00 per week.

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* 1. Should the Township place a similar measure on the ballot in the near future?

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* 3. Based on the examples above, please indicate how much you might be willing to pay annually to make sure the Township has the funds needed to build or acquire these types of facilities. Please keep in mind that the community may wish to pursue multiple projects at one time. 

I would be willing to spend the following amount per year to accomplish improvements to Upper Saucon Township’s Park, Recreation and Open Space system: